"And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." Matthew 22:37

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just gettin' thru...

This was our family mantra for JUNE, and whatdaya know... it's JULY. We made it!! July actually has its own set of events, but June passed so quickly with family vacations and trips that more days were spent away from home than here, which is probably why the bags are still sitting packed, ready for the next weekend away. In all reality, its been sweet and the busyness is well worth it, creating sweet memories for our family.

 And a special shout out to Jaspy, our second born, who has just rolled with the punches and has been a champ with all the ins and outs!! 

more pics to come... this is trip #1 of 4

Friday, May 16, 2014


Seems appropriate for a title, considering the lapse of time from when I began this post, to now actually posting it. Also, appropriately fitting the sentiment once our sweet Jasper Clive joined our family! Little brother arrived in prefect timing on April 16th at 8:45am. How thankful we were and how in awe we were of God's mercy to us in that! 

 Overwhelmed at God's grace in a fast, successful VBAC!

Blessed by the joy exuded from my first in the reality of his little brother joining our family, outside of mama's tummy.
 Surprised by our 8lb 1 oz, 21.5 inch long, dark headed fuzzy boy, who very much looked different than his brother upon arrival!! My initial thought-- who's kid is that?

Forever in my mind, rounding the corner, approaching our house, seeing my Silas with his PawPaw on our front stoop waiting for his Mama, Daddy, and little brother to COME HOME!!! With tears in my eyes, I will never forget my favorite grin plastered on his face welcoming us home with hugs and asking for baby brother. What joy in my heart!!

Baby brother arrived just in time to sport his matching seer-sucker pants for Easter Sunday. Silas picked the tshirts to go with it, stating he wanted to wear them now that brother was home and they were together. He told mama he was not happy to wear it when Jasper was still at the hospital.

Sweet gift from my boys, a thank you for getting baby brother out and bringing him into the world.

Family of four pictures. Silas quickly announcing, this is my first time carrying baby brother!!

So thankful for where God has brought our family and all that he has taught Todd and I and how he has grown us together! I know that this new life will bring many more lessons and blessings!!

Welcome to the world Jasper Clive! We love you!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

"Is it April yet?"

April has indeed made its way to us! The question above was a regular occurrence around our house until recently. A certain big brother has been so ready for April to arrive!! We all are happy its here, now and have quickly learned the art of waiting. Our due date is this Friday the 11th. Getting to April and yet still having to wait has been tricky for our 3 year old, but its been sweet to see his excitement and even his learning to wait. We are trusting God to bring him at just the right time!

There were a few things that we wanted to squeeze in as a family of 3 to celebrate our big brother and the coming of lil brother. 

 Family park playdate (including friends, bday party, carousel ride, and a loco pop!)
 Random park spot with a sweet friend for a quick lunch and a mama/ daddy photo opt.

 The big one was a special big brother dinner to the restaurant of his choice......
 yes, CRABBY LOBSTER as he lovingly calls it. We don't know why or where the love for it came from but he does love it. Maybe it's the live lobsters or the cheddar biscuits or his very own cup? Either way we celebrated Lobsterfest with our little man who even scored a grill master hat from the manager. He was on cloud nine. We love that big brother.

 The arrival of April also meant, really, you gotta finish this room. Maybe we will get a full tour up before baby arrives. Here is daddy working hard in his new favorite spot in the house.

This one is special to us-- the treat ice cream, the place FRESH. If you remember, we had a stop here after a non-flip version procedure at REX prior to Silas' birth. (Story here.) We are thankful to be awaiting labor this time & trusting the Lord as we venture into the unknowns of this birth, including a head down baby, progressing readiness to labor, and no pressure about my due date. 

 April also brought us to a special 5 year mark of marriage and a very. big. belly. So grateful for both.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maternity Photos

 Our sweet sister-in-law offered to take some maternity pictures for us with this baby and our growing family.  We opted for shots at the Art Museum. It was a great spot for a variety of scenery and we just hit a few spots around the grounds.  Aunt Kate did an awesome job and we were thrilled with the results.
Ok, we loved all of them and had way too many favorites! Even the outtakes were lovable. Can't wait to get some printed and hung!!

This little goober can't wait to meet his brother and neither can we!!